Just call her queen of the arcade

Fairies, summer is here! Ice cream and soda began to be the main characters, and your suspenders and dresses were on and off the line. Sunglasses, coupled with comfort, a little bit of fairy clothes, is the most appropriate way to greet the arrival of summer.
For the holiday beauty skirt, even if winter wear again cold, friends can not resist the summer in those fairy cents gas clothes, especially go out to play, is to put on suction eye, take pictures and nice clothes!

Speaking of the Faithfull the Brand resort, is the best interpretation of this three word brand from Bali Island Faithfull the Brand tide brand by Australian designer Sarah-Jane Abrahams and designer Helle Them-Enger Norway co founded in 2012, two people in different background of the achievements of a unique design style, a collection of the Nordic minimalist, Australia the leisurely and the passion of Southeast asia.

There will be a Faithfull the Brand red list almost the world’s holiday, even Zhuangshan will travel with Faithfull the Brand to buy, visible in the girls eyes of the importance of.

Most of her clothes in a very simple style pattern, but in the small details and add a lot of girls love butterfly knot, lotus leaf element, both daily, and for the generous and comfortable holiday, loose lazy, not stiff.

Because of the high sense of innate, many of the star have to wear Keepsake, and it looks like a hundred million yuan skirt out skirt that depends on a sense of price, invincible, if you wear a dress in her invoice circle, understand the people will think you have a good taste.

Keepsake The Label Women’s Do It Right Dress Prnt

Keepsake The Label Women’s Lights Out Mini Dress

Keepsake The Label Women’s Aster Dress

Sense of noble style is one of the biggest Keepsake, solid color based models plus some lotus leaf element, still cold enough to be on holiday or everyday, give a person a kind of not living close to me, is the goddess of the sacred feeling.

Endless Rose’s clothes are flat, but absolutely immortal, and girls like lace and lotus leaves are visible everywhere in Endless Rose.

Endless Rose Womens Open Back Textured Cocktail Dress

Endless Rose, Beaded Agatha Top Nude

Because of her dress with lace mostly, so is the high requirement for the quality of lace process, it is easy to see the good or bad, so the price can be Endless Rose that the quality is very good.

Endless Rose Womens Lace Overlay Sheath Party Dress

Although the fairies lace, but still very suitable for daily, classic white lace shirt, which is suitable for travel, but also for the daily commute to school, some fine lace crochet patterns, add a lot of flavor to a simple dress.

-?Nasty Gal?-

This is a story of the brand, shortly before the on-line drama “girl boss” was about Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s family history: how from the auction of second-hand clothing online at eBay started, now has annual sales of billions of dollars of enterprises.
But in 2015, Nasty Gal declared bankruptcy, now Nianpan rebirth, shows a new brand image in front of everyone, her clothes is to go the cheap route, to a good style, in the FMCG Brand foothold.
“Nasty Gal” literally means “bad girl”, and her clothes give a hint of “bad girl” to her, and the price is very suitable for the student party, so many women are attracted to the United states.
Sometimes, a little exaggerated design of modeling, but also very good-looking, personality girls especially love.

-?Amuse Society?-

Cheap circle of relatively well-known minority brands in the United States, Amuse Society is actually known as beach T-shirt, bikini plus a loose T-shirt, the pursuit of looming little sexy. Once mildew, out of the street, wearing a burst of her family T, since then, Amuse Society has been known by most people.

Amuse Society Women’s Hayes Woven Top

Amuse Society Women’s Rituals Printed Dress

Amuse Society Women’s Morning Light Lace Dress

Often, girls always wait until they are about to travel before they complain about having bought a beautiful dress, or if some clothes are bought for traveling only, they are not suitable for daily use. In fact, you can buy some suitable for daily wear and suitable for going out to play the United States and clothing, to get their own money, but also easy to get travel photos, two birds with one stone.

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