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Bralette Classification & shopping

Bralette’s classification & the purchase of some young brands such as Urban, Outfitters, Topshop, ASOS, and American Eagle’s Aerie have all launched Bralette. Almost none of these coasters, no le people rims bra basic, even let known as “good body” and gather underwear Victoria’s Secret also made an adjustment of products — in April of this year, Victoria’s Secret plans to cut the swimsuit business news exposure, immediately on the official website shouted “No Padding is mentioned Sexy Now!

At present, most of the Bralette are designed with sexy lace, for example, the hollow grid pattern is also partly hidden and partly visible; like the basic sports underwear style as the main dynamic comfort, such as lightweight breathable material, the color is bright and colorful; some men do not go out the basic Bralette, all a good article in the tape, tied rope.

So, in this hot summer, how to choose a suitable for their own, light and comfortable Bralette?

Lace Style

In Europe in 16th Century and 17th Century, lace woven with cord cores was not only a means of leisure for aristocratic women, but also a source of income for individual craftsmen. A less elaborate design of lace products requires a skilled female worker to spend a month or more to complete. Because the knitting technique of lace works are generally It differs from man to man., completed by an individual, so each piece of lace is never Zhuangshan single product. Today, although the production of lace is no longer unique, but has become a fashion in everyday life. It is an integral part of personal clothing, but also T and street fashion darling. Bralette as the most classic style, lace Bralette looming transparent design is undoubtedly the highest realm of sexy. Black lace with embroidered patterns of transparent underwear, full of amorous feelings, temptations, and even lust.

Like the Victoria’s Secret Classic Lace Collar low basic Bralette purple white black all-match charm, concise collocation, loose backless, deep V and low cut T-shirt and vest street, sexy cool.

In the Victoria’s Secret Bralette Collection also have such a high knitting lace, in the summer heat directly as a single product directly wearing hot pants, skirt collocation out waves out of high no problem. Can also be in the outside of the package is large, sunscreen clothing cardigan, casual style full full.

Like Honeydew’s family of lace, Camellia Lace Bralette with adequate material, the full package of chest triangle cup, giving a sense of security, can effectively prevent exposure. Banzhebanyan lace was unearthed in desire, transparent or light colored collocation deep V halter is not dust. Like “super girl” Chlo e Grace Moretz although the chest in adolescence, can also wear cute and sexy.

As the underwear industry “Rolls-Royce” LA PERLA, WHISPER series of bra, besides having sexy lace design of ultra thin transparent, the main material for nylon and silk. It also has the incomparable comfort, like not wearing.

There is a very famous industry, full of “fairy flavor” of Losangeles’s brand — ForLoveLemons, its keyhole brallete uses the Ruby decorative lace design pure white flowers, all is pure girl feeling. Once the explosion of chest squeeze, artifact now became skinny and show flat chested girl “fairy”.

This is the same as ForLoveLemons’s Nikki Brabllete, collocation pattern design create new styles with the least cloth, elegant and decent. Think of the hot summer days, in addition to bold and enthusiastic, should be super cool, super breathable bar.

Finally, to say that, in the purchase of lace Bralette, in addition to color, patterns, details, as well as hollow design elements, we must take full account of the lace underwear material. On the market a lot of lace underwear will be used nylon, polyester, spandex chemical fiber raw materials, such materials should not be worn for a long time. In silk, spun silk and satin. Although the material price is slightly higher, but as underwear will be wearing more comfortable and healthy. Suggest that you choose a reliable brand, then the material can also be assured.

Sports style

Of all the bralette, the easiest and comfortable summer clothes are probably sports money.
Compared to the traditional underwear, sports underwear generally has excellent flexibility, ventilation and quick drying, removable design cup design to ensure light and comfortable while at the same time to the chest compact and stable protection. There are sports underwear, eclectic, with a variety of dynamic, full of youthful colors, to facilitate the sisters for different clothing collocation. With the rise of fitness, sports underwear outside through the street also has a deep foundation of the masses, even the most conservative square dance aunt are not even eager.

In the purchase of sports section of bralette, will have to mention the market coverage and influence of the most powerful sports brand Nike, as a professional level, it provides a professional level of low, medium and high strength support sports underwear for woman who choose, and with fast air dry well section of the same type, Shu diverse and rich colors.

Where there is Nike, there must be Adidas. As Nike and close competitors, adidas has made extraordinary achievements in the field of sports underwear, this flagship Adidas techfit series of powerful, excellent moisture permeability, rapid evaporation of sweat, a large amount of exercise can keep dry and comfortable. But the style and color are relatively simple.

Finally, it should be mentioned that, in the sports section bralette purchase process, we should have a preliminary understanding of the intensity of their sports, so as to combine their own Cup for sports underwear to make the right choice. Generally speaking, the high intensity of sports, the higher requirements for sports Bra support; the greater the CUP, the higher the required support for sports Bra. On this basis, try to choose comfortable, breathable skin care materials, and adjustable width of the shoulder straps to reduce shoulder and chest burden.

The basic design of the band

For those who aspire for liberation and the courage to try, but feel that too much lace style, sport too casual girl, these have a bandage type basic bralette cleverly embellished and elaborate design allows you to show “generous chest back”. In this hot summer, full liberation of their bodies, reveal its beauty of nature.

For example, cheap clothing brand Silence + Noise the Front O-Ring Strappy the Bralette style is simple but not dull, in front of the cross band design it “heart full”, perhaps it is because of this that the explosion of red on the network.

There are girls in North America was widely sought after Free people, the brand from the design to the fabric will be inevitably concerns about women wearing summer to consider, there are few fillers and rims, very suitable for a woman to wear, from thin shoulder straps to fancy vest, there are many styles and colors to choose from. Its style is just like its brand name – freedom. A little Bohemia, a little hippie, and a little girl, romantic, free and passionate.

In the summer than can be seen everywhere in the legs, waist, will reveal the mysterious sexy back girl seems to be more and more goddess fan, backless dress, super big T-shirt choice.

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