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Gratifying, the compression of clothing brand last year lonely began to update, SKINS opened a new series of DNAmic, 2XU launched a series of MCS and compression clothing for pregnant women, the CW-X is in the color design play more happy, even the Mizuno Bio Gear series increased coat products. In addition there are many new faces to the famous brand equipment represented by LP to join the war, many manufacturers have seen the visible compression sportswear market hot, but the cake is not so easy, most of the products under the banner of the name of the compression I will refer to it as tights, so if you are not allowed to grasp the words or suggestions choose well-known brands, advertisements have their own wish as general garments

2XU is the biggest upgrade last year, especially the launch of MCS technology greatly enhanced the support of clothing under compression, so the introduction of MCS and reflective and pregnant women three new series, one of the most commendable is pregnant women series, this series is subdivided into prenatal and postnatal version, to female users is considered comprehensive. In fact, last year, 2XU gave the girls out of the waist widened version of Wide Waistband, this time the pregnant woman version will spread up cloth, directly covered the abdomen, I believe the rear will no longer go up high…… All the following are listed, if you please switch to 2XU in the official website of the United States did not find it’s official website – australia.

The MCS series uses a built-in brace to strengthen the muscles, as if increasing the exoskeleton. In addition to the Elite version, there is a Thermal version of the PWX FLEX THERMAL material, which is mainly suitable for alpine skiing.
If I had previously preferred 2XU as an alternative between 2XU, Skins, and CW-X, the 2XU version of MCS, which was blessed by, could be at the same level of recommendation as the other two brands of high-end models, Elite.

2XU Men’s Elite MCS Compression Tights

The HYOPTIK series is the reflective series. Large X shaped Logo is all over the whole leg 2XU the most cool, this series will be added to the Logo 360 degree reflection ability, improves the running safety under weak light.

2XU Men’s Hyoptik Thermal Compression Tights

2XU Women’s Hyoptik Mid-Rise Thermal Compression Tights, Black/Silver Reflective, Small

2XU’s maternity pants are divided into two series: prenatal and postnatal. Each series is available in different lengths. Consult a doctor before use.

PRENATAL is a prenatal compression garment that extends upward over the lower back and pelvic muscles, wrapping up the abdomen, where high elastic material is used to stretch the fetus as it grows.
POSTNATAL is a post natal compression garment, and the abdominal mass compression material helps post partum muscle recovery, suitable for natural or Caesarean birth recovery, and does not stimulate caesarean section.
-sports bra-

2XU has four new sports bra, which are REFORMER RACER BACK CROP, MESH CROP, PERFORM TRI TOP, PLYOMETRIC PRO CROP, one of the PLYOMETRIC stamp is very beautiful, they are suitable for low strength sports wear.

CW-X is now the top compression pants is still on the Revolution and Generator appearances, although no new breakthroughs in technology but in terms of fashion has to go farther than other brands, in fact, as early as in many years ago we would appreciate the rainbow CW-X compression pants, just last year the color more gorgeous, even limited edition. In the compression jacket product line, CW-X has no compression pants so rich and well-known, last year’s updated REVOLUTION jacket is a mention of gas.

This Revolution compression clothing in science and technology and materials inherited the same name compression pants many characteristics, compared with other brands of clothing, lighter weight, better support, is CW-X’s flagship compression jacket. From this bright Sao color can also see CW-X good design skills.

CW-X Revolution Top – Men’s

TRAXTER positioning is lower, using dynamic compression technology to provide compression and recovery of muscles, and more flexible in the joints. Cocona coconut carbon fiber is used in the material. Perspiration, quick drying, UV resistance, sports and daily wear are all available.


This is a joint design by CW-X and Keiichi Tanaami (Tanaami Keiichi), the Japanese designer known for his psychedelic and symbolic art. A few other compression pants I picked out from a lot of colors, and a few of them listed together. Does it look like a CW-X?.

Then the clothes have come to talk about the shoes in this part will not like just like to give out a new column, because most are minor upgrades, because the number two is too much, the main reason is that the quantity is too much.

Remember the few years ago, Vibram FiveFingers as the representative of the minimalist running shoes is quite hot, many brands have launched such a “no bottom or thin bottom” running shoes. However, the past two years, the limelight has changed to Hoka, One, One and Altra this thick bottom style, a brief summary of last year’s running shoes Keywords: new materials, new technology, thick midsole, intelligent. Here is one by one according to the brand (in alphabetical order).


Asics last year to push several new products quite unexpected, the whole palm GEL Quantum 360 and a variety of new technology blessing MetaRun flagship high-end market, the use of fuzeGEL’s fuzeX is also an improvement attempt on GEL cushioning glue. These products break through the inherent pattern of Asics’s previous product matrix, and the follow-up will gradually penetrate into the existing models in addition to being an independent series.

In the past, Asics running shoes, as long as you can see a big lump at the heel, GEL shows that the top class, and this time the Quantum 360 is very radical, at the bottom of a circle of GEL cushioning glue. It is commendable that Q360 is not rude GEL fill in the bottom on the finished thing, but only filled GEL around, and full size TPU stable sheet addition may cause this pair of shoes “jelly” did not imagine the shit, the overall shock resilience and stability are more balanced


The shoes are a gradual upgrade, the appearance of MetaRun from vamp to sole demonstrated a complete new technology of Asics, memory, GEL, hybrid carbon fiber joint bridge are quite toxic, of course, $300 is a new height. If the concept of overstating the product too much, but it is equipped with the new technology will be the sign leading the subsequent development of Asics shoes. There’s only one problem. This is what Asics calls the strongest running shoe in his own history. It weighs more than 300 grams, and should be able to run even further.

As a love light show, in these new products, new color compression clothes I recommend CW-X Revolution and Generator, in fact, the basic models of New A400 is also very good, the gold stamp of high toxicity to particular coat back, moreover there are temperature control bonuses. Running shoes here, I continue to recommend ADI home, Ultra, Boost, ST and Pure Boost X these two, one is filled, one is a breakthrough, there is no reason to refuse. If in April this year on a 3D print NB can be listed and the price is acceptable if it can be considered a must be out of the ordinary place, feeling.

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