The Best USB-C Battery Packs and Power Banks Buyer‘s Guide

We considered 18 USB-C battery packs and tested seven contenders over dozens of hours, and the Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh Type-C Battery Pack is the best power bank to charge USB-C–equipped smartphones and tablets on the go. The larger Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Battery Pack and Charger Bundle, which provides twice as much power, is our pick for keeping a USB-C–powered laptop charged. However, if your devices don’t have USB-C ports—that group includes many Android devices, and all iPhones and iPads—and you don’t plan to buy the latest and greatest Android smartphone in the next few months, our guide to standard USB battery packs offers more variety at lower prices. We also have a guide to portable AC power banks if your laptop isn’t USB-C powered, or if it needs more power than the current generation of USB-C batteries can provide.

1.Best for phones and tablets Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh Type-C Battery Pack
Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh Type-C Battery Pack
$27* from Amazon

The Tronsmart Presto 10400mAh Type-C Battery Pack offers enough capacity to charge most smartphones three times, but it’s small enough and light enough to sit in a computer bag, backpack, or purse. You can use the USB-C port to charge your device or to recharge the pack itself, leaving the USB-A port open to charge devices that don’t use USB-C. The Presto 10400mAh is the only currently available USB-C battery that is light enough to carry every day, equipped with a fast USB-C port in and out, and sold at a reasonable price.

2.Best for USB-C laptops Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Battery Pack and Charger

The best choice for laptop owners who need a USB-C battery right now. Its 30 W PD output can charge most current USB-C laptops, and it has enough capacity to refill them once or twice.
$110* from Amazon

Few USB-C Power Delivery–capable batteries are available right now, and they’re limited to charging speeds best suited for laptops 13 inches or smaller—larger computers will charge much more slowly. Still, if you want to charge a USB-C–powered laptop such as a MacBook or a Lenovo ThinkPad X1, look to the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Battery Pack and Charger Bundle, which will give you the capacity, charging speed, and reliability to keep working or playing on your laptop for at least one whole charge when you’re away from a wall outlet.

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