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We talked to six babywearing experts and had 10 parents test 16 carriers before concluding that the Beco Gemini is the best baby carrier for most parents.
After completing nine hours of research into 70 baby carriers, and testing 16 models with input from babywearing educators and retailers, we found the Beco Gemini is the easiest and most comfortable carrier to use from birth to toddlerhood.

1.The Gemini’s simple Beco Gemini

The Gemini’s simple, versatile design can comfortably carry newborns to toddlers in more positions—on more adult body types—than most other baby carriers.
The Beco Gemini is a favorite among babywearing experts for good reason: Its crossable straps fit better on both narrow and wide shoulders and small and large frames, and they make it easier to put on and adjust than many carriers with more conventional backpack-style straps. Thanks to its minimal, streamlined design, it’s simpler to use than carriers overloaded with extra straps and padding. Its trim panel—the body of the carrier that supports your child—fits small babies and petite adults better, and it feels cooler on just about everyone than the bulkier panels of other models. Unlike most other carriers we looked at, the Gemini has an adjustable seat and panel that allow you to position your baby on your chest facing outward. It doesn’t require an unwieldy infant insert for newborns, and it fits babies under a year old—when they’re carried most frequently and longest—better than all the other models we considered. Beco carriers are the only ones we looked at that use safety buckles, too. The buckles bother some people because they require two hands to undo, but we think the added security is worth the inconvenience.

Bringing up baby involves a whole host of accoutrements. Considering adding a carrier to your collection? This addition lets you tote your little one hands-free, making it a must-have for parents on the go or for those who want to multitask while still being close to baby.

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Sling Front carrier Backpack
100% Cotton A light, breathable fabric that keeps your baby cool and comfortable. Yes Yes No
Cotton/Spandex A light, breathable blend with a little stretch. Like 100% cotton it keeps your baby cool and comfortable. Yes Yes No
Polyester This fabric is light and breathable but not as comfy as its cotton cousins. Yes Yes No
Polyester/Nylon A great weather protecting fabric that may also provide a vented mesh back to keep you cool. No No Yes
Hemp And organic fabric that’s comfortable and breathable. Yes No No

2.the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh

With backpack-style straps that don’t cross, the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh doesn’t fit petite adults as well as our pick. To carry a baby under 12 pounds, you need a large, pillowy infant insert, which can be fiddly to use and feels like wearing a winter coat on your chest. As with the Beco Gemini, though, this carrier’s adjustable seat and panel allow you to carry your child on your front facing outward, unlike most carriers, which only turn the child in toward your chest. The Cool Air Mesh’s sun shade adds extra cushioning to the headrest when stowed, and its lumbar pad takes weight off your shoulders, hips, and pelvis and keeps the belt from digging into your waist. This cushioning makes the Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh the most comfortable carrier to use with a heavy toddler, but it also makes this model the bulkiest of our picks, and the wide, thickly padded panel can feel hot as it stifles airflow to your sides. The synthetic mesh exterior might help your child stay cooler, at least.
Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Cool Mesh Ergonomic Baby Carrier, Carbon
Ergobaby’s Award-Winning 360 Baby Carrier All Carry Positions with Cool Air Mesh offers every carry positions in a cool and breathable fabric to get out and about with baby, from summer hikes to leisurely strolls.

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3.the Lillebaby Essentials All Seasons

At a fraction of the price, the Lillebaby Essentials All Seasons is in some ways comparable to our other picks, with crossable straps that spread the weight more evenly across your back (and fit different body types), plus mesh panels to help keep the child cool. But the Lillebaby’s wide seat and panel aren’t adjustable, so it can swallow up a smaller kid, and it requires a substantial insert for babies under 15 pounds. Unlike our other picks, this model doesn’t allow you to carry a child facing outward on your chest. But with convenient touches such as a sun shade, it’s a good value overall.
Less convenient, less versatile, less money Lillebaby Essentials All Seasons  The Lillebaby has a bulky insert for infants and doesn’t let a child face outward, but its crossable straps and mesh panels are comfortable for kids and adults.


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